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About Images Compressor

How To Use Images Compressor Online Tool To Make Your Blog Faster

This online image optimizer uses a smart combination of the best optimization and lossy compression algorithms to shrink JPEG and PNG images to the minimum possible size while keeping the required level of quality

What is a lossy image compressor?

A lossy image compressor decreases image file sizes. However, it does not reduce the original image quality. Many of the popular image compressor tools offer best image compression technology but they also have some issues like frequent compressing artifacts, premature loss of quality or infinite loop. By far, ImageOptim is the best lossless image compressor. This excellent free tool is flexible and easy to use. This online image optimizer is used by developers, bloggers, and designers to save their time and time. It will optimize your images to save you time and efforts.

What is a lossless image compressor?

A lossless compression algorithm aims to convert raw data from your computer into smaller but usable file without losing any quality. For instance, when converting a 360-degree panorama, it will reduce the file size of the image without any loss of the detail in the image In contrast, a lossy algorithm keeps the original data from the picture intact but tries to save the most common loss of the quality. For example, when converting a 360-degree panorama, it will keep the original data but compress the image making it easier to view and use. This increases the image size while keeping the same level of quality. How to use a lossless compression tool For a lossless compression algorithm, the format used in the compression is important.

How to use tools to compress images

The free online image compressor tool compression tool compresses images from 300K to 5K using a smart combination of the best optimization and lossy compression algorithms. How to choose a good image compression tool Having a high compression ratio is all that matters. Webmasters tend to optimize images for ease of viewing and not for resizing to the required size for serving at best. However, the best choice for saving your images online is not online compression tool but external image compression software. Using online tools, you can simply choose an optimized image to compress. However, for efficient compression of images, the option of “ lossy ” is better. With lossy compression, some image elements get lost so the compression ratio is higher.

How does an image compressor work?

Lossy compression is used to optimize the size and quality of your JPEG and PNG images. How to Optimize Your Blog images without Compressing Image quality Like every image optimization or compression tool, the idea behind this one is pretty simple. You basically take your image(s) on your blogger dashboard and drop them into the Optimizer page. Once you press the option for Optimize image quality, the tool will show you a big list of compression algorithms with a minimum quality of 30. Now, you can select one and compress your images, you can select the JPEG, PNG, TIF, BMP, or WebP format depending on your choice.


Online image optimizer tool is used to make your blog faster and it will make your website load faster by a lot. Every website needs to load faster so it can offer a great user experience to your users. What’s more you can also use these tools to improve your overall SEO. Image Optimizer Online Tools Online Optimizer Free WordPress Tool Plugin Using Image Optimizer Link For Optimizing A Photo What's Your Thought On This Article? Have you ever used an online image optimizer tool to enhance the look of your images? Please share your thoughts in the comment section.