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How To Use A Keyword Generator: A Simple, Step-by-Step Guide

Free Keyword Tool is fast, accurate and easy to use. Our free keyword suggestion tool provides comprehensive and accurate keyword suggestions

Step 1Enter your seed keyword

Step 2Under “Step 1 Predictions”, enter your keyword (without quotes) Step 3In “Step 1 Predictions”, select the corresponding search volume. Click on “OK” Step 4In “Step 1 Predictions”, select the corresponding phrase that includes your keyword. Click on “OK” Step 5 Click on “Next” Step 6 You will now be presented with your keyword suggested based on your search volume and phrases. Click on “Next” Step 7 Under “Step 1 Predictions”, change the seed keyword Step 8 You will now be presented with your keyword suggested based on the search volume and phrases.

Step 2 Select a keyword suggestion tool

Step 3Select a list of keywords, or categories, you are interested in. You might be a Lawyer, Entrepreneur, Spoken Word Artist, SEO Specialist, Consumer and so on. Step 4Text your keywords. You may want to use your own name and title. Step 5Choose your category. Step 6Select the dates and times you want your keyword search. You will likely need a week or longer Step 7Check out the option for offline search. For example, if you are buying a device, find the best price to use during sales events. If you see an ‘Available’ button, select it. This will limit your results to devices in your chosen category.

Step 3 What you need to know about the results

Keywords that are useful for your website's pages are called relevant keywords. What makes the phrase relevant to your website's page is that it comes from within the same or similar niche and article, page or page title, if any. Your competition, competitors pages, marketing copy and outbound links will not boost your keyword rankings. On the other hand, if your site sells sewing machines or luxury cars, you can make up your mind with no time limitation on when to rank your products. Your Google AdWords optimization will also enable you to optimize your keywords around sale times. Here are the useful tips on how to use keywords with AdWords: Recommendations for Keywords with AdWords Give the search phrase enough weight by selecting ads that describe your product.

Step 4 How to use the keyword generator to find new keywords

The concept of word-filtering has already been around for a long time but the technology needed to design word-filtering algorithms did not exist. New algorithms can be developed with as little as one million bytes of computer code. That means, given our data in millions, we can now do the same processing with one million times less data. Using this kind of computer power, we can now suggest a vast amount of keywords. From 685 in the first testing phase to 1.4 million in the latest and most accurate version. Free Keyword Tool searches through various online resources to provide you with up to 7 million keyword suggestions. The cost is zero and we never spam you. If we recommend a new keyword, you will be the first to know.

Step 5 How to use the keyword generator to improve your SEO

Once you know your target audience you can rank your blog and increase traffic Questions & Answers to Answering your queries As a result of implementing this advice, we have seen a massive decrease in visitors coming to our site and a 70% increase in visitors to our sponsored posts. If you would like to try this free tool out for yourself just click on the button below to access it.


A keyword suggestion tool is an efficient marketing tool that saves time, money and effort. Here are a few advantages of using this tool for your website: This tool is completely free. You can use it to find the keyword and the best website to target your audience by typing in a keyword in the tool. If your target audience is global and wants to connect with you, it will also search for the word across the world. You can make the search as general as possible. You can get comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) suggestions to further improve your website's ranking. Google mentions the tool as a useful tool for website developers. Keyword suggestions are based on domain authority. You can refine the search based on multiple keyword suggestions.