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05/15/2021 12:00 AM

Website and search engine optimization for search engines

Optimizing your website using the dozens of tools we provide will enable you to find even the smallest negative details on your website, and thus help you deal with any problem that needs immediate fix. Otherwise you will suffer the heavy ax of the search engines which will probably throw you quite low in the search results, something of course that will be disastrous for your interests.

You need to keep in mind that almost all major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex find it very difficult to rank any website and site in the top three in search results that have obvious weaknesses in SEO, especially if they are competitive Keywords.

But with the right process and the right strategy that will be accompanied by appropriate White Hat SEO methodologies, then you will definitely get to your destination faster, which is of course nothing more than the first in any keyword or phrase. Once this goal is achieved, there will inevitably be increased visibility for your business, which will translate into additional sales and increased profitability.

Some factors that determine the right SEO

The main keyword must be in the Meta description
Search engines favor sites that use the main keyword in the description of a page, both in the text and in the Meta description. Of course it is a necessary condition to find and use the appropriate keywords for your case, and not to put any irrelevant that comes to mind. If all this process is successful, then you will be more likely to get the first page in the search engines.

While keywords may not get you directly to the first page of Google, they certainly increase your chances. We also urge you to limit the use of a particular keyword on your site, as abuse can have the opposite effect.

Keywords in H1 headers

In general, H1 headers are an integral part of Search Engine Optimization and should not be overlooked in any case, because it will be like taking your eyes off with your own hands.

Using keywords in the H1 tag is a great way to help your users find and understand your content at a glance. However, it should be made clear that it is strictly forbidden to use more than one H1 Tag on a page, because Google will take it as a spamming attempt and will therefore punish you with a penalty.

H1 tags give the first impression to any user who visits any page on your website, which actually helps people to get the best experience on your website, so that they can visit you again at some point in the future or even better next day.

Keyword in the content of the text

When writing any content on a website, whether it is a blog post or a sales page, such as a product, you need to use the right keyword in the content of the text that will clearly explain and describe to your visitor what he sees and reads with absolute clarity.

For those who do not know, often in the search engine results appear phrases of the text (Long-Tail Keywords) that are not included in the meta-descriptions, but match the search term of each user on Google.

Once you have these keywords embedded in your content, these users will be driven by organic traffic to your site. Therefore, make sure that the keywords appear at least in the first paragraph of your content and then up to 10 times in the rest of your text, because density is crucial.

Select the correct domain name and URL

It is important to understand how each domain name, page or article needs to contain the keyword in the URL, and of course through this methodology you will earn extra points in your SEO.

For example, the URL www.dentist.com explains to the reader which place to visit, ie dentist. However, since the only words in the domain names .com, .org, .net are considered premium and are already occupied, it would be good to find a compound name, such as www.dentistgreece.com and so on, of course it would be right not to exceeds 10 characters.

It is equally important to do some in-depth research on any domain name before you buy it, so that you do not have to replace it with another one after a few years. In short, you need to be proactive and vigilant at all times.

Images are directly related to SEO

Let us point out that the images are very attractive to the eye, especially when they are very elegant. Many times users search for information on Google using certain keywords that appear only in images. So it is imperative that you include images in the SEO efforts paid for your website or article.

In addition, you should choose photos and images that are unique and not reusable by others that are available on free platforms. In this case you may even have to pay to buy a unique photo for your requirements.


Permalink is the permanent link to a URL that is intended to remain unchanged for many years, or even forever as long as there is no reason for force majeure, and is also an integral part of optimizing an engine for a website.

It is reminded that it is considered prohibited to make changes to the format of Permalinks from the moment you enter the respective format. Permalinks are often referred to as friendly URLs because they are easy for people to remember. Most modern blogging and content-syndication platforms support such links.

The length of the title (Title Tag)

The recommended title length that is very search engine friendly should not exceed 60 characters and should not be less than 50 characters, here you are obliged to find a golden ratio between these two numbers.

The characters in the Title Tag appear in search engines as a description of what the page is about. In a situation where there are not enough title characters, the search engines simply replace it with the desired text in the article, etc. Try as much as possible to write a voluminous title with enough character length that will not exceed the dug, visitors from Search engines tend to be attracted by the title before they visit your site. Make your title very appealing which will motivate visitors to want to click to read what is on offer.

Content of a web page or site

Any website owner who does not understand that content is really the most important ingredient for online success will probably have to immediately review or change profession, otherwise he / she will be doomed to fail like many others who disregarded this element.

Notably, the content should not just be good for the average reader, but it should be amazing that will impress everyone and everything, and will somehow force the audience to come back to you to explore every nook and cranny of your great site. , having been ecstatic since the previous time.

If you do not have the ability to write quality text, then we would recommend that you pay a professional columnist to create the required material you want on your behalf, even if you need to put your hand deep in your pocket in these difficult times we are going through. .

We would advise the text you intend to create to never be less than 400 to 500 words, and always give valuable information to each user who reads it. Here's the golden rule that says: Choose quality from the quantity of articles. Who is able to understand, understands.

Page load time

This refers to the time it takes for a page to open when a visitor clicks on it. The loading time of a page determines the bounce rate, ie how long a visitor will stay on your site. If your page loads very fast, such as in less than a second and up to two seconds at most, then you are well on your way.

Upload speed can be achieved using some tools, such as Gzip, where files on a page can be compressed to a smaller size to allow a page to load faster. Gzip is used more efficiently in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files larger than 150 bytes rather than in images, because there are other better tools that are better for compressing and optimizing images, such as Adobe Photoshop.

The amazing thing about compressing your image size with Adobe Photoshop software is that the image still retains its quality even after compression.


Most of the time SEO experts often neglect the role that the sitemap plays in optimizing a website in search engines. A sitemap explains in detail how many pages and articles there are on each website to the Google, Bing, Yahoo Web Crawler Bots that crawl your site.

The sitemap shows the structures of each part of your website and serves as a guide to any search engine that wants to interact with your pages. The site sitemap tells search engines which page to index and which to ignore. As mentioned earlier, sitemap serves as a guide for search engines. This means that Web Crawler Bots are completely blind and need some guidance.


The text file called robots.txt is just as important as the sitemap. When the text of robots.txt is non-existent or does not work on your site, then search engines may not be able to crawl the pages of your website, with the negative result that your content remains doomed to obscurity.

Google Analytics

It is a tool created by the internet giant called Google. Google Analytics acts as a tool to track the traffic your site receives and indicates where they come from, such as country, city, Direct Traffic, Referrals from Backlinks, Organic Search, Paid Search (PPC), Social Media and more.

The analytics offered by Google Analytics metrics are probably the most important way to take advantage of the audience that visits you and turn it into revenue, if you correctly interpret the existing data you have in your hands, such as visits, stay, preferences, page views and more.

It's worth hiring a professional seo expert

In general, many advertising professionals erroneously point out that you do not really need to pay for seo services, obviously because the results will be slow to come and the results are definitely not guaranteed, of course it depends on the seo expert who undertook to carry out this difficult task and the skills he has on this object.

Also, the search engines that directly fight search engine optimization constantly and persistently emphasize to those who hire such services that you will not immediately taste the fruits of success, due to the time consuming process required to crown the project successfully, unlike the ads that have the capacity to be more effective than any kind of similar campaign. However, this does not really exist and I will explain below what I mean.

If the office or professional who took over your site ranks in the top three in Google search results has vast experience and works methodically based on designs, sound techniques, and above all without resorting to questionable Black Hat SEO methodologies, then there is a good chance that this goal will be achieved. But to put it bluntly, it takes a lot of patience from the customer who paid for these services, because nothing is done magically in one day.

Of course, at your own discretion, you should evaluate whether work is being done by the professional you paid to take over the project. If for any reason you find that after a few months the expected results did not come, then it would be good to turn to another office, since Obviously you were not satisfied and it does not make sense to continue this mockery. In short you need to ask the seo expert for a schedule with the goals he will fulfill over the months, and there should be clauses in case the goals are not implemented.

SEO in Greece and quality of services

Unfortunately, as is usually the case in every profession and field, there are bad professionals who defame the industry in the worst way, with the poor quality services they offer, and sometimes even promise things that do not have the technical background to succeed, so in the first place they discredit themselves, and secondly they affect their sector, with a negative consequence Greek customers resort to a foreign office avoiding to risk their money on amateurs, which is objectively considered unfair to conscientious locals professionals.

I can assure you that SEO in Greece has nothing to envy from the respective services abroad, both in terms of methodologies and strategies applied by the respective Greek professionals, as well as experience. We should also not ignore the fact that Greek seo experts are much cheaper than their counterparts in the United States and more generally than most western cultures. Therefore many and great motivations to trust SEO in Greece. However, the final decision is yours, regarding the choices you will make and how you will proceed in the future.

On Site SEO and On Page SEO

On Site SEO and On Page SEO includes all the necessary customizations related to the content on your site. This includes optimizing the content of the page, in terms of the quality of the written text, its proper formatting, headings, photos, videos and so on, as well as technical aspects regarding the headers, tags and speed of the page. , and finally, but equally important the internal structure of links between the pages with links so that the user can easily navigate and therefore immediately find what he wants.

All these parameters contribute to the user-friendliness of a page, therefore in this way the length of his stay on the respective website can be increased. In general, On Site SEO and On Page SEO are done at the beginning of creating a website, and then new written material and all kinds of content is added to attract people to visit this site again, because we must not ignore the fact that when a site is not updated it is considered in some way inactive and does not motivate people to come back again.

It is worth noting here that meta keywords (Focus keyphrase), which were originally designed exclusively for search engines, are no longer considered useful and necessary by Google, which means that even if a page does not include a single meta keywords will not cause any harm to the site owner.

Of course, on the other hand, the correct description in the meta description is extremely necessary, because it appears as a text snippet in the SERPs (depending on the search query) and therefore should not be ignored.

In addition, as search engine algorithms continue to evolve, mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) are becoming increasingly important in search engine optimization. A website that is not properly adapted to mobile devices will be doomed to be at a disadvantage, unlike its competitors who have taken care of this peculiarity. Since July 2019, Google has taken a bold step and instructed webmasters to create a special version of their site for use on mobile devices, as part of the Mobile First initiative.


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